Selena Love

Yesterday, We could not find anything on that I wanted to watch… so we ended up watching some old episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place.  I say “we”, but I mean me (since my 8-year-old daughter was on a play date, my son was playing Minecraft, and my husband just kept rolling his eyes at […]

My Top 5 Poptacular Christmas Songs

I figured it is about time to list the most poptacular Christmas songs… What is a “poptacular” Christmas song.  Well, I tend to think it a little bit boppy, a little bit corny, and is a whole lot of catchy.  Some of these songs you may not have heard before, unless you are one of […]

Could it be Fate?

“It was a one night stand!”, exclaimed Carrie.  Carrie and her best friend, Rachael, were walking down Front Street on their way to to a long overdue dinner. “I happened to be bored one night, and Oliver called.  He was having an impromptu BBQ and wondered if I was doing anything.  I don’t know.  I […]