One Night

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I hate that I am here.  I hate that Jared is here.  I hate that it has come to this.

There are about 10 of us hiding out inside the dive bar down the road from the apartment that I used to share with boyfriend.  Jared is talking to his best friend, Max, at the front of the bar.  It seems a bit heated, but it seems that most conversations with Jared are lately.  That is one reason I broke up with him.  He has gotten it into his head that he has to be a hero, except last time I heard heroes don’t hit their girlfriends.

So the world is falling apart… that is no excuse.

I have tried to give him another chance.  We have tried to work it out.  In fact, we came here together.  He wants to us to get back together, but I am still having a hard time seeing the point.


Max is pissing me off!  Why does he feel like now is the time to get high?  I wish he could see things the way I see them.  It does not help that Robbie is also here and encouraging him to join him.  Honestly, Max is not the one that is really pissed at. Actually, it is that guy sitting next to Jenna.  What the hell does she think she is doing?  All I want to do is protect her.  Seriously.  I know she is still pissed that I hit her, and she has every right to be mad about it.  I have never been so sorry about something that I have done in my life.

I am happy she is here, although I am sure it does not look like it.  I just need to figure out what my next move is.  She picked up and left the apartment.  It looks like she is flirting.  He looks like an idiot with those fucking sunglasses on.  Really!?!  Who needs to wear sunglasses at night in a bar?   Right now, I am just trying to get my temper under control.  If I have any chance winning Jenna back, I cannot start a fight with that guy!


This guy is sweet.  He says his name is Marcus. He is looking at me funny though.  Of course, he is going to ask about the scar next to my eye.  What do I say?  I don’t think he really wants to know how I got it.  I think he just wants to make conversation about it, but I can’t decide what to say.  If I say that my boyfriend hit me, he will get the wrong idea.  Jared did hit me and it did cause this scar, but it was an accident.  He was mad and high and he had just lost his parents.  He wanted to run out and start killing them for killing his parents and I wanted him to stay with me.  I wanted him alive.

The scar was caused by the car keys that he had in his hand as he fought me off of him.  That night was the changing point in our relationship.  Not because he hit me, but because he left me there…crying.

I think I am going to tell this guy I was attacked by a bear.  That seems believable, right?


Max and Robbie are out of the bathroom now.  I have not been able to approach Jenna since that guy sat down.  I am not sure why I am so afraid to go back over there.  Maybe it is the way Jenna is playing with the curls surrounding her face or the small smile that she bears.  I have not seen that smile in months.  Most of the time, she just seems sad.

Max has a plan… We need shots.  Actually, we need lots of shots!  They are barreling up to the bar yelling and trying to get everyone in a festive mood.  All I need to do is fake some optimism and join them.


Poor Jared.  He is trying.  I can see he is trying to have fun and show me that he can be young and fun again.  You see, that is the funny thing.  I still love him.   I know he is trying to make up for that night and for all the hurt we have endured in the past few months.   What he needs to figure out though is that he can’t.  He cannot do it by himself.  We have to help each other move forward.  He also needs to forgive himself.  He needs to stop trying to be the hero and let me carry him a bit.

I think we need to a toast before we drink these toasts… I offer, “to tonight and hopefully surviving it”.  I know that seems a bit dark, but if we are going to be able to work things out… we will have to make it through the night.  I am not sure if we will.


All hell has broken out!  I loved Jenna’s toast.  Just thinking about it makes me feel a little calmer as bar breaks out into an all out war.  The guy in sunglasses did not last long before being bit… I have to admit that when I shot him in the head, there was a little pleasure in it.  I know.  I am going to hell.  Funny, I can’t think of how Hell can be worse than this.


I feel bad, but when they broke the window and started coming in, I jumped behind the bar.  Michelle, the bartender, is back here with me.  We are trying to turn the liquor bottles into Molotov cocktails with strips from the bar towels.  It is something.  I am praying that Jared is being safe.  Gunshots and moans and sounds of bones cracking and people yelling have now replaced the laughing and toasting that just took place minutes ago.  I am trying not to get sick or piss myself.  I am trying to draw some of Jared’s bravery.  I am trying not to give up and cry…again.


There are so many of them.  I really hate the zombies.  I won’t let them take Jenna and me like they took my parents.  Unfortunately, I am out of bullets.  I am also alone.  There are still about 15 of them and they are blocking the exit.  I called for Jenna and she called back.  Thank god!

Suddenly something hot flew past me and struck one of them and set him of fire.  The poor guy looked like a he was once a fairly successful guy.  What was left of his suit looked like it probably cost him a pretty penny.  Thankfully, his suit was not made of polyester and it caught fire quickly.  From behind I feel someone grabbing me… It’s over.


I grabbed Jared and yanked him close to me.  Thankfully, he did not try to hit me with his pistol.  All I need is another scar and another few months of him trying to make it up to me.  Thankfully, I had some hair spray in my purse.  Michele is pitching the fiery bottles as she runs towards the door.  We need to follow her.  Jared is covering me from behind, and I am spraying my impromptu blowtorch at the zombies blocking the way to the door.  It is a small bottle, so I am not sure how much we will have when we get out, but I guess we will have to worry about that then.


I cannot believe we made it.  We are free… relatively.  I am not sure where we plan to go, but almost by instinct I find we are running towards our apartment.  I am not sure if it is safe, but I would love to go home with Jenna.



Damn it.  Why did I wear these horrible heels?  I am trying to pick myself up of the pavement, but I think my ankle has twisted.  God, does it hurt.  It feels like some sort of corny scary movie and I am sure if someone was video taping us it would probably look like it too.  The fire in the background and a disheveled beaten up boy carrying a broken girl with singed hair towards the camera as they walk off to their future.  The credits would roll and as an audience we would leave the theater with a warm feeling in our hearts because we know that the events were not real.  We would know that the actors are happy at home with their families.  Unfortunately, this broken girl and beaten up boy may have nowhere to go.  This could be the ending.  We may not make it to the morning.

I am hoping that we will make it though.  I really want to see the sun rise again.

So, did you guess which pop song inspired this little story?  If you figured it out, leave a comment with the song’s name.  You may just be a Popspired Genius.

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