Who Watched “The Voice”?

I guess I should have asked who watch any of the “The Voice”  this week.  There were 3 episodes.

If you did not see all of them (like I did thanks to may daughter’s obsession with the show), then let me share a few of the highlights for me.  I also will use their song choices to help me share some imaginative ideas on what they were thinking…

  • Domo (Team Cee Lo):  She sang “Don’t Cha.” Her rendition caught the ear of Cee Lo, who happened to write the song.  Unfortunately, it did not catch the ears of any of the other coaches.  I think she hoped that they would be curious about if she really was hotter than their girlfriends.  Honestly, I thought Cee Lo’s reactions to her were more entertaining than her performance.  She pulled out a lot of dance moves (since she has been a hip-hop dancer) and got Cee Lo all hot and bothered.  After she performed, she also got the crowd involved in sharing her name, because just saying she shares a name with a fuzzy brown square shaped japanese cartoon character would have been too boring.  She was my 8-year-old daughter’s favorite, I still am rooting for MacKenzie Bourg (when it comes to “Team Cee Lo”).
  • Joe Kirkland (Team Adam):  Personally, he is my favorite so far.  He sang “Gives You Hell.” He shared that he used to be part of a band that had some limited success in its time, but broke up due to the lead singer leaving to pursue other avenues.  I love that he chose to be a part of Team Adam.  I think Adam would be a good mentor for him.  As for the song choice, could he be hinting that he hopes that his face will give that old lead singer some hell.  I know I am rooting that it will.
  • Aquile (Team Xtina):  How could you not fall in love with this guy?  He sang “Your Song” and I think he melted most of the hearts in the room.  I think that he picked a great song and I think it went well with the bit of his personality and his past experiences they shared with us.  It was humble and it was pleading… He was as if he was asking them to take his voice and song as a song for each coach.  It was enough to make Christina want to have him sing that song just to her… maybe in a private concert.  He seemed to like the idea and chose Christina as his coach.
  • Gracia Harrison (Team Blake):  This country girl sang “I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart“.  You have got to love a singer who can yodel.  Even though Adam tried to sway her to his team, she could not resist Blake’s charms and country roots.  I think she was aiming for Blake’s team from the beginning.  She wanted to be a cowboy’s sweetheart.  Cee Lo and Adam are dynamic artist, but no one would confuse them with cowboys.

The one thing that has been bothering me during this season’s auditions is that Cee Lo does not seem to be fighting as hard as the others to gain people for his team.  I hope next week, Cee Lo will get some fight in him and score his some more singers for his team!   He came in 2nd last season… he should be flaunting that!

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