More analogies for the Perfect Two

I am in love with this song.

I was inspired and came up with some other pairs that did not make it into the song…

  • You are the sun to my sky… I think this would have been pretty good
  • You joy to my stick… now that I think about it that may not be the imagery they were looking for
  • You can be the i to my Pod… kind of sounds like I am an alien abducting you
  • You are my fire to my truck… Eh, maybe if we just broke up
  • You can be martini and I can be the shaker… OO7 style
  • Your are the cow to my boy, no wait, You can be the cow and I can be the boy.  I need to stop while I am ahead.

Yeah, there is a reason I never became a song writer.


I wonder…

I have been wondering if Thrift Shops have seen an increase in sales due to the popularity of the song, “Thrift Shop“.

Also I was wondering if there are any grandpa who are not getting their closets raided.

Yes, I know there are probably more important things to worry about.

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Selena Love

Wizards of Waverly Place (soundtrack)

Wizards of Waverly Place (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, We could not find anything on that I wanted to watch… so we ended up watching some old episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place.  I say “we”, but I mean me (since my 8-year-old daughter was on a play date, my son was playing Minecraft, and my husband just kept rolling his eyes at me).   My son was in the room though, and stopping to kind of watch the show.  Hey, we have to watch some of the old shows to prepare for the big Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex premiere,right?

Just another one of my superpowers… I can name any Selena Gomez song that comes on the radio. I know, you are jealous of my horrible taste in music.  Don’t worry, I get that look from my husband all the time.

Selena Gomez


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Open Condom Style

Found on Made by Savanna2609747.

I am so relieved that someone else hears “open condom style” when they hear that Gangnam style song.   Now the question is… Will you hear it then next time that song comes on?

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My Top 5 Poptacular Christmas Songs

christmas 2007

christmas 2007 (Photo credit: paparutzi)

I figured it is about time to list the most poptacular Christmas songs… What is a “poptacular” Christmas song.  Well, I tend to think it a little bit boppy, a little bit corny, and is a whole lot of catchy.  Some of these songs you may not have heard before, unless you are one of the few people who purchased the group’s Christmas Album, but others are ones that you wish they would stop playing.  I think you will see what I mean as I go through my list.

5. All I want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey.

Let’s just start off with a song that I get sick of about 2 days into the Christmas season.  Just watch the video… This song could be the poster child for Christmas pop songs. Love it or hate it… you are stuck with it.

4.  Merry Merry Christmas by New Kids on The Block

This one made the list, because nothing says timeless Christmas song like inserting your band name into the song.

3.  Green Christmas by The Barenaked Ladies

I love Barenaked Ladies and so I am a proud owner of this Christmas Album.  I especially like this song, because I have had exactly one White Christmas.  This song is just so much more fitting for me.

2. Santa Baby recorded by all sorts of pop artists.
This song has been recorded by Madonna, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and Kylie Minogue.  Yet, this list needed a modern pop artist, so I chose the rendition by Taylor Swift.

1. Last Christmas by Wham

Now, for the ultimate in corny pop wonderfulness!  Who else could top my list, but Wham in all their 80’s glory!  I could watch this video over and over again and it never gets old… Okay, I will admit that it gets old, but it is the perfect way to annoy my husband so it makes it awesome.

So your guess is as good as mine… Who will be putting out the next pop classic this year?

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Could it be Fate?

What the heck are you talking about?

“It was a one night stand!”, exclaimed Carrie.  Carrie and her best friend, Rachael, were walking down Front Street on their way to to a long overdue dinner. “I happened to be bored one night, and Oliver called.  He was having an impromptu BBQ and wondered if I was doing anything.  I don’t know.  I went and met this guy there and next thing I knew it was morning and I woke up next to this guy.  I think his name is Dillon.  I figured that I would never see him again since the minute he woke up he rushed out like a bat out of hell.”

Rachael laughed.  Rachael had been married for almost two years and so she loved vicariously living through Carrie’s “manventures” (as they like to call them).  “It really is not a big town and so you were bound to run into him now and then,” Rachael sighed.  Carrie always jumped to conclusions about the guys she dated.  “No wait… maybe it is just fate!  I bet he is one and only…that knight in shining armor you have been waiting for since we were in 8th grade.”  Rachael could not help but let out a short burst of laughter escape.

“No, I don’t remember my knight being a stalker!”  Rachael tried to regain her composure.  “It is not funny, I am almost positive that there is something really wrong with him.  Fate could not be that cruel.”

“I thought you said it was one night.  How did you have enough time to jump to that conclusion since most of the time you spent with him was either sleeping or with your tongue down his mouth!” Rachael thought for a second and then went on. “Remember Frankie… You were so sure from from that guy’s e-mails that he had a foot fetish and it ended up that he was just a nail technician.  You have been wrong before.”

“And there was something wrong with him,” Carrie pouted.  She just had this way of finding the psychos.  It was like a bad gift. “By the way, you can be a nail technician and have a foot fetish.  I don’t think that it would be much of a stretch to consider.  You have to like feet to want to touch other people’s feet all day. I would guess that is probably one of the only reasons a straight guy gets into such a profession.”

“You are not right, Carrie. You missed out on a loving husband and a life time of great pedicures. Did you hear he got married?”

“No!” Carrie hated her life! It seemed even the creepy, weird guys found people to marry.  “Frankie and his love of pedicuring toes is not the point.  Dillon is a creeper.  He just shows up randomly at the strangest places and pretends that he just happened to be there.  I was at the grocery store last month and there he was asking if my trash bags were 2-ply!”

“Oh my god!” Rachael grabbed her chest and exclaimed, “He actually was at a grocery store. Don’t tell me…Was he buying food?  You are right, I can’t think of one good reason why he would be at a grocery store. Definite creeper!”

“I don’t know why we are friends,” Carrie smirked. ” No really, that is only one of the many times I just happened to run into him and maybe that was not the best example.  OK, one time I was out running down by the river and he showed up there with his dog.  It was a Monday and at lunchtime.  Why was he not working?”

“Well, what does he do for a living?

Carrie relented, “How should I know?  It is not like I had a lot of time to talk to him as he ran screaming out the door that morning.   I know where you are going with this and I don’t think he is a hair dresser or a nail technician who has mondays off, but I can tell I have not convinced you yet so here is another example.  I went to see Magic Mike and he was the only man in the theater.”

Rachael tried to hold in her laugh and pulled Carrie in for a half hug. “Now, that is a bit weird. I might have to give you that one.”

“Yeah, he just happened to be there with his sister.  He is so transparent. He was all… ‘Funny, seeing you here’ and then feigned embarrassment.  Funny seeing me there. It was a chick flick!  I am the chick!”

Rachael seemed to be having a hard time defending Dillon.  Carrie had a pretty good case this time.  “Well, I think the next time you see him you should say something.  Call him out, maybe that will scare him off or it may open the door for him to tell you that he likes you.”

Carrie had to stifle a laugh.  “I guess I kind of did that the last time I saw him. I told him that I was moving to Florida because I was trying to get away from a bad situation with a stalker.  Now, I just have to hope that I never run into him again. ”

“Well, good luck with that.  I know from experience that the one person you try to avoid is usually the one you run into on the day you decide that it is okay to run to the store in your sweats and wearing an over sized coffee stained shirt,”  Rachael laughed, then tried to be serious.  “Remember that girl, Sonia, who tried to steal John away from me in college.  Yeah, I ran into her and I looked like shit.  She, of course, was wearing the cutest mini skirt and looked like a model.  Sometimes, I wonder if John made the right choice.”

“Rachael, sometimes you can be really stupid and that is why I love you!   I needed this time with you and it sounds like both of us need some stiff drinks,” Carrie gave her friend a quick squeeze and then looked up to find they reached the restaurant. “Thank God that we are here!  I heard they make a mean mojito.”

The hostess was nice enough and picked a nice table in the back corner of the bar area of the restaurant   She smiled and then asked, “You server will be with you in a minute.  Would you like some waters?”

“Waters would be lovely.” Carrie said and then turned back to their conversation. “I was thinking I should just embrace my singleness.  I am happy.  I have my cat.  I have my friends.  If I cannot have what you and  John have, then I don’t want anything at all.”  She smiled at the thoughts of her friend’s relationship.  John and Rachael’s marriage wasn’t perfect, but whose was.  The point was that they were happy and they supported each other.  They handled each bump in the road gracefully.

“I want that for you too! Now, enough about guys.  Tell me about the new book you are writing,”  Rachael smiled.

“It is kind of a,” she started but then Carrie seemed to be struck dumb.  Rachael looked up to see the waiter standing there looking down at Carrie with a crooked smile.  Something told her that he was not just any waiter.

“Hello, My name is Dillon and I will be serving you today. Carrie, I was not expecting to see you here. Didn’t you move across the country last month?”

“Yeah, I did.  It did not help,” Carrie sighed.

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